personal poopz



i love this movie so much though

it was like an anime come to life


what is this

I am going to accidentally crack this phone screen. I can’t control my emotions today. And this autocorrect is infuriating

It’s been a weird week. Good, but emotional

I need an excuse to Coldplay, stat

i still feel like i’ve done something so horribly wrong.. i don’t know if these feelings are warranted or not 

Ok so I realize how paranoid I can be. But I do feel like I have reason to be sometimes. But I will work on it. I woke up really upset today and sent a message to someone which I wish I wouldn’t have. I went back to sleep almost immediately and had a really good dream with all my friends and woke up feeling so much better. And suddenly I started looking at all the good times my friends and I had. And me and my boyfriend have had. And idk I just feel better and less like something is wrong. Maybe this year will be better

ok, so im quickly realizing that i can’t control my effeminate tendencies when i start talking about things that i’m excited about. even around my homophobic cousins. and it’s making me really uncomfortable, but i don’t realize i’m doing it till after i’m done talking. 

This blog is so i can vent about my personal things without anybody i know reading what i have to say.

I know it would be better to make this private. but i want to vent it feels better knowing it’s at least not just me talking to myself 


Your butt+my butt
my butt x your butt x bitsy’s butt